Legal & Regulatory Compliance


No industry has more regulations, laws and compliance requirements than the healthcare industry.


  • How will your business or agency succeed in this competitive, regulated industry? Will you grow organically, by merger, or acquisition?
  • Will technology improve the quality of your patient care, increase your revenue, or improve efficiency? Or, will it increase your exposure and level of unacceptable risk?
  • How do you balance increasing costs against regulatory compliance and budgetary pressures?
  • Does your EMR/EHR achieve "meaningful use?"
  • Is your HIPAA compliance program robust enough, or too extensive? Are your policies and procedures sufficient? What action should you take when an employee violates your HIPAA policies? What should you do when law enforcement is at your door or you receive a subpoena demanding medical records? Are your BAAs, NoPPs and breach notification efforts appropriate?
  • What should you do if the Office for Civil Rights notifies you of an audit?
  • Do you need help negotiating or operating under an FTC Consent Decree or HHS-OCR Correction Action Plan or Resolution Agreement?
  • Are your managed care contracts as effective and efficient as possible?
  • Have you had a revenue cycle check-up? RAC audit preparation should include:
    • Establishing systems to timely respond to RAC record requests
    • Monitoring areas that may be subject to RAC review
    • Implementing compliance efforts, and
    • Monitoring claim denials and appealing these claims through the Medicare appeals process


    Our expert consultants can help defend you against RAC claims.


These are just a few of the important questions your healthcare organization might face as you meet current and future challenges. Your consultants require vision, an understanding of the competitive landscape and insight into the complex healthcare regulatory environment. HD Healthcare provides the skills and experience necessary to ensure you succeed.

Expert Witness: Health Information Privacy & Security Compliance


Dr. Harry Doyle provides expert opinion, counsel, and testimonial services to legal counsel as an expert witness in the field of health information privacy & security compliance. His extensive health provider and payer education, licenses, certifications, and experience in the field provide insight and credibility to your argument.