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Harry N. Doyle, III

CEO / Founder


Dr. Doyle is CEO and Founder of HD Healthcare LLC.  HD Healthcare helps businesses serving the healthcare industry meet stringent HIPAA and HITECH legal requirements related to privacy and security, maintain regulatory compliance, and develop models to process and analyze data. He has served executive management, operational and technology roles in commercial and governmental healthcare organizations; and is aware of the complex constellation of requirements needed to protect large amounts of healthcare data stored on varied media. His experience includes some of the world’s largest healthcare systems, requiring the highest levels of security and privacy, as well as small physician practices, which have nuances of their own.


He has conceived, acquired, developed, supported and transitioned a number of businesses including numerous hospitals, managed care organizations, health alliances, physician & analytic tools, physician management organizations, and health insurance payers - all having complex state and federal regulatory requirements. As CEO of a national PPO, he was engaged in the WEDI dialog leading up to the 1996 passage of HIPAA and has been hands-on implementing the law since HIPAA became effective in 2003. He was engaged on the Joint Commission legal team that reviewed the effects of HiPAA on all Commonwealth of Virginia laws in 2004. He believes comprehensive HiPAA compliance requires a multi-disciplinary approach incorporating expertise in privacy, security, law, healthcare operations, technology and audit. His career includes extensive experience and education in each of these domains.  


He holds a BBA in Accounting and Economics from James Madison University; a JD and MBA from the University of Richmond; and a PhD in Health Services Organization and Research from the Medical College of Virginia. His dissertation is entitled, Effects of Organizational Focus on Healthcare Outcomes of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery: An Organizational Structure Perspective. He is certified in public accounting (CPA), healthcare compliance (CHC), information privacy (CIPP/G), and information systems security (CISSP).

Member Virginia State Bar
Member International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium
Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Licensed Certified Public Accountant
Certified in Healthcare Compliance
Member Health Care Compliance Association